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It’s Linkin Park week here at MTV Act! Well, not officially, but the band is doing so many cool things that we couldn’t fit them into a single article. On Tuesday, we talked about their new album LIVING THINGS and their environmentally friendly tour. But the band cares about all living things, so today we’re focusing on what they’re doing for people in need. Ready for a little video essay?! Essays aren’t normally fun, but this one will be! WE PROMISE.

Linkin Park started Music For Relief following 2004’s devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. After witnessing the devastation on the news, they called on their friends and fans to donate to disaster relief. Since then, the organization has raised over 5 million dollars and helped survivors of natural disasters all around the world. The band also donates a dollar from every ticket sale to planting a tree. In 7 years, they’ve planted a million trees!

+ WATCH: Linkin Park On Launching Music For Relief

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According to the United Nations, over 1 billion people in the world have no access to power.Power The World is a Music For Relief campaign that aims to put light in 1 million homes and Linkin Park is behind it! Brilliant, caring rockers? Sign me up!

+ WATCH: Linkin Park Discuss Their New Campaign, Power The World

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In this clip, Chester talks about why the band wants to change lives with solar powered light bulbs!

+ WATCH: Linkin Park On Living Without Electricity

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Have you ever thought about everything you wouldn’t be able to do without light? There’d be no reading “The Hunger Games” in bed, that’s for sure! Or Tweeing, FB stalking or damn, even typing this sentence. In some places, doctors and hospitals can’t even function at night, making light the difference between life and death! If you’re wondering how you can help Linkin Park give solar powered bulbs to communities in need, Mike’s here to tell ya!

+ WATCH: Linkin Park On How YOU Can Power The World

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Head over to Power The World’s website and sign their pledge to show you care about helping students study at night, parents working after dark and patients receiving the care they deserve.

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